Taking stock- Flirty fun x Rocking the organza skirt

Hello my boos and baes…hehe
How is everyone?hope the week went great.
mine had it’s lows but I got God by my side so why stress.For some reason,I can’t wait to be in school .I feel so excited about it.

I know I promised to post a while ago but life happened as always.Quick question,has anyone ever being falsely accused?how did you deal?I am current being accused of something I know nothing about and I was really sad for a while but then,why bother when God’s got me.So many people in the bible passed through this and God gave them victory at the end of the day.Look at Joseph and Daniel to name a few,they ended up being raised way above where they are.So Incase you are passing through this predicament,remember that God will vindicate you.

That being said…let’s get to this post
READING: A matter of Honor by Jeffery Archer.I am obsessed with his books and that of Sydney Sheldon and am currently looking for a new writer to divert my love to.If you know any great read,please drop it in the comment section.
PS…Romance is just not for me.I am a thriller and suspense novel kind of girl
WISHING: To have more money.I know I wished for it last time but well,money is necessary.Also wishing to draw closer to God and to have peace in whatever I do
WANTING: To be rid of fake friends and their drama.Like these set of people are a no no in anyone’s life.
EXCITED: About going fully back to school and being with my friends.shoutout to you guys jare: Ella,Onyi and Ada.You guys make school fun amidst all the stress
WRITING: The Diary Of a Nigerian Runs Girl and am I can’t wait to share it with you guys..hehe
HOPING: To be more consistent with my blog.I know most times it seems like I don care about this page of mine but believe me guys,I find solace here.It’s like a world away from all the drama in this world.I just wish you guys would share my posts more often.Show a girl some love let’s grow this blog together.

MAKING: Plans for my brand and also on ways to develop myself to be closer to my God.I am also making bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding.Excited much.
EATING: Almost nothing.As a proud foodie,I have been starving myself lately and it’s not funny.Work won’t let me and I get home feeling super tired that I just sleep off.
DRINKING: COKE!!!I need an intervention or an endorsement.One has to happen.
LISTENING: To less music because there is no time.I am obsessed with Phyno’s Pino Pino though.What song are you loving currently?let me know.
THANKFUL: For the gift of life,for all the love you guys show me here.It’s just overwhelming honestly and I want you all to know I appreciate it.
Let’s talk about the outfit now…
I am so in love with it guys.I don’t even want to talk much but I feel it’s just appropriate for church and can be worn to a wedding,maybe pair it with a more flirty top and for class too.What do you guys think?Where would you rock this outfit to?
I especially love how these pictures came out.Thank you @BIGDEALSTUDIO (Check him out on Instagram) for capturing these beautiful shots of me.
For this shoot,I was styled by my friend and it was fun and exciting.It actually feels really good to have someone else transform you.Don’t forget to drop a comment on your thoughts.

You can connect with me on my social media handles

Thank you all for reading this blog…God bless you all.
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