How to make your Instagram look Aesthetic and Appealing

Aesthetics: appreciation of beauty especially in art. Getting your Instagram to look good is an Art!!!

Hey there guys. Hope you all are good. I realise I have been AWOL and it’s actually been disturbing me and I don’t want to go back to my disappearing

Today’s post is actually one I meant to do a long time ago because I keep getting questions and this is just part 1 of the Instagram questions I often get so grab some popcorn, a coke and let’s get right into it.

So you want to have that gorgeous Instagram page that draws followers and looks cool right? I got you covered so let’s get right into it…

So for a while I was one of those people that spent time admiring people’s Instagram but no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t figure out how to fix my page to look cool. It’s an art people!
While you may not find it easy the first time (this post will make it easy though) you should be patient and take your time to figure out your style and what works for you. The one thing I believe is that less is more. Instagram may be a picture and video sharing platform and information too but nobody said you can’t make yours look amazing. One thing you can be sure is that it grows your followers a whole lot.
I get loads of compliments on my DM and also comments on how cool and neat my page looks and to think that I feel it’s not wow, but it’s definitely a start.

Firstly, one of the tricks to setting your page is to get good quality and bright pictures. You want to be sure your pictures are neat enough to draw the right attention. This makes it easier to build up the way you want. I will do another post on pictures and all that good stuff because I also get asked what camera I use and the rest.

Secondly, the background of your pictures matters a whole lot. Some people like it colorful, some prefer it simple while some go for both. Whatever it is you want, go for the background that best defines you. A simple background usually has white and grey. A more colorful one may have trees, flowers, buildings and all that. The tricky part is now making them work by placing them in a way that doesn’t make it look too busy. Because of where I usually take my pictures, I try to post two of the same picture together and then separate them with quotes with white background by the side. This makes it easier for me and one can easily see the art once they view my page.

I got this idea from @Funkiillish who on the other hand has her quotes in the middle and usually goes for simple backgrounds. I totally love her page.


This page is one I really love and it’s owned by my badass pioneer photographer friend @LucasUgo2 @LucasUgoweddings. Here he has a quote in the middle with two white backgrounds and then he places three pictures. This is a beautiful one and I would definitely recommend it especially if you aren’t one of those that post that often on Instagram. It gives you the opportunity to maintain a good and clean space and still draw followers to your page even without being consistent.

As a big lover of food, @nazzomscorner is definitely a page to check out and follow. You may think posting pictures of food is that easy until you try it. I like how she does it mehn! I can’t place my hand on it,maybe she doesn’t even realize it but she does make the food look yummy and makes me want to try some recipe. Her flatlay game is strong and her camera quality is perfect!



My fellow blogger @PrincessAudu is definitely one to check out for that awesome vintage vibe. Gosh her Instagram is perfection! It’s so effortlessly done and one can tell she doesn’t even struggle with it. It’s like she was born with it. It’s not too much and it’s not too little either. She chooses her backgrounds carefully and they blend with each other.


GenevieveNnaji’s page is also one I like. She chose a particular frame for her pictures and works with them that way. Everything has the same size and she also adds some black and white pictures to help add some balance to her page.
You can use PICARTS or PHOTOGRID to frame your photos.

Genevieve Nnaji

@Thinkpoppy is the queen of flatlays. I discovered her after I took a great course on flatlays from her. Big thanks to you girl. Her page doesn’t even need much explanation but don’t be fooled, it’s not even easy to pull off. She has the whole black and white theme going for her and I like how she posts pictures of her husband. You will definitely fall in love. You can try and build up your page like hers but remember, it takes time and some brain work and a whole lot of patience to get the right aesthetics. I would definitely recommend it if you love to travel or you love photography.

My girl @Stephylately who BTW is also a fashion blogger and makeup artist and @DinmaUmeh both have the same style. Here you can see they both love fashion and makeup. They use products,quotes,and a touch of nature to add balance to their posts. This actually draws attention to their selfies so one can easily focus on their makeup. This is definitely highly recommended if you love makeup and want to show off your work without having a busy looking and rough page.


Dinma Umeh

@Amerzy on the other hand uses a color pallet and gently switches to another color. She does it with flowers,products or her always perfect nails. She also uses selfies to create a balance between her fashion post and her makeup posts. Like her or hate her, Her makeup and fashion game is too lit!!


@HannahAkinyemi’s page is the real definition of detailed. She takes us through her clean photography world. I like how she blends her fashion game and while you may see her in jeans,black n white, she still keeps it fashionable and unpredictable. Her page is always fresh everytime.

Hannah Akinyemi

Photo Credit: Instagram

There are a million pages on Instagram with good aesthetics but I just thought I should just use these ones and hope you guys can try to build yours to even look better. The first step is to find what works for you. If you have another page you don’t use often, you can use that as a trial page to post your pictures and see how they look and then delete it later. If you don’t have an Instagram account and want to be creative, even better. If you have an account but you’re just bored with how it looks and just want to make it look better then this is the post for you.
Remember that no matter which one you decide to go for, make sure you have neat and good quality pictures.
Be patient and take time to create your own. You have the opportunity to be as creative as you want. Ask questions where necessary. Flatlays are also really good especially in creating a balance and it also adds a touch of creativity too.
Lastly and most importantly, remember to be consistent. Don’t do one style and change to another otherwise you will end up with a messy page. If you want to go vintage, go vintage. Don’t be vintage today and colorful the next. So stick to one pattern and this will create balance and beauty to your Instagram.

If you ever create your own page the way you want, don’t forget to tag me and also to follow me on Instagram @The_Enkay and you can always be extra to keep up with my daily dose of awesomeness on snapchat @The_Enkay. I would also appreciate if you guys can share this post as I belive it will be very helpful to a lot of people.

I would love to hear from you guys and if you have any suggestions on this post please don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section. If you guys would love to see more posts like this, Also let me know.

Thank you all so much for sticking by and God bless you all.

Kisses… En_kay

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  • Oh wow Thanks girl, I don’t really consider my page one of those Instagram goals pages, I just try to keep it simple and organized. I think its all about finding what works for you, with trial and error as you said. Also consistency too, I really like how neat and organized your feed is. I also love svnrflower and t2pitchty’ feed, both feed goals too.

    Princess Audu 

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